EUROsimA | Celebrating 10 Years of Experience
EUROsimA 2013 Committees
EUROsimA 2014 will be held between April 28 - May 4, 2014!
EUROsimA 2013 Closing Ceremony
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Cultural Trip to Istanbul
A EUROsimA Tradition: Cultural Trip to Istanbul
Welcoming Letter

The conference has started!


“EURO” and “sim” basically refer to the contractions of “EUROPE” and “Simulation”. In addition, the last letter “A” symbolizes the first character of the capital of Turkey, Ankara, so that we compose the traditional brand of hearts and minds, EUROsimA.

10 Years of “Success”

EUROsimA is the annual conference which has been organized by Middle East Technical University Foreign Policy and International Relations Club (METUFPIRC) since 2005. In its 10th session, EUROsimA will bring participants from all around the world together into its international atmosphere simulating the European Union.


Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
B Building
Middle East Technical University
Ankara, Turkey


Applications are now open! You can apply as a delegate, a committee director or a press member.

Cultural Trip

Cultural trip to Istanbul is a tradition for us. Every year, we organize a pre-conference program for our foreign participants in the city that never sleeps. Don't you want to be a part of this unique experience?